A health emergency is managed with science, not politics: Sheinbaum


Health emergency by covid-19 Driven by Science Not Politics, reassured the Prime Minister, Claudia Sheinbaum.

The President, at a press conference, responded to local deputies who They demanded that the country’s capital be returned to orange Epidemiological traffic light, amid increasing infections with the Omicrom variant.

“In the event of a pandemic, what always guides us is science about political discourse, which is not even politics. Second, how I will advocate the closure of economic activities, after what the population has suffered, but also when we have one of the world-renowned vaccination programs or whatever they suggest.”

“The question is what do they suggest, going back first to the orange traffic light, I don’t know based on the indications. What do you suggest to go back to the orange traffic light? “Economic activities are to be closed, because if this is not the case, the orange traffic light is incomprehensible,” he asked.

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The president said they will appeal for solidarity and mutual support. yesterday, Representatives Daniela Alvarez Camacho and Ruvid Torres Gonzalez They asked the Prime Minister to change the epidemic traffic light to orange.

It should be remembered that in a virtual session the deputy coordinator of the Parliamentary Assembly of Citizens recalled the latest figures recorded in the capital, so Sheinbaum, as a member of the monitoring committee and responsible, urged Bardo to make such a change.

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