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With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, talking about science has become a daily thing in most people’s lives. There are initiatives that seek to have students learn from a young age about this field, such as the STEAM program of the Faculty of Science and Philosophy at Caetano Heredia University.

Commenting on this project coordinator, Hugo Flores Liñán who – which Teaching science from school is essential However, in the future, students will not devote themselves to tasks related to this field.

“Your son can be a lawyer, a chef or a journalist, but in these three cases he must know how to look for information, know how to compare it, know how to make hypotheses, he must know how to write his conclusions, and he must know how to take action and use scientific tools. other” Andina Agency.

Steam Approach in Peru

Flores suggests incorporating a STEAM approach to improving education in the country. This model was born in the United States, but is used in South American countries such as Chile, Mexico or Colombia.

The name STEAM comes from An acronym in English for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and seeks independence for students as well as making the classroom a learning community.

What is proposed? Take the student’s daily life and send it to a 5-point analysis of the characters STEAM. Science is important, but if it is not related to other letters or other human disciplines, then it is not enough,” stated the coordinator of Cayetano Heredia.

According to Hugo Flores, this pedagogical approach will be used by Ministry of Education (Minido) Starting this year. But he added that its implementation is complex and needs state support to achieve good results.

Minedu should follow up at the national level. Although teachers have been dealing with the concept of work through competencies for a long time, they have to receive training, have access to materials and remove some myths like training by category.

More knowledge for all

With the application of the STEAM approach, students are expected to develop various skills and abilities. For Flores, this should apply when students are children. “Children are our best scientists. Your questions are devoid of any subjectivity. His innate curiosity is perfect for working the scientific way.”

The new tools that will be learned through this pedagogical approach may allow more people to immerse themselves in and take into account the sciences.

“For the development of science, helping the population is important. He stressed the importance of increasing investment in science without a doubt, but first we have to have demand and interest, which will be gained thanks to experience in the STEAM method.

It is worth noting that the STEAM approach was developed at the aforementioned university nearly two decades ago with courses for school children enhancing these skills and knowledge. Virtual workshops starting in January 2022.

Teaching takes place through experiences appropriate to the different ages of students and accompanying the course with conversations for parents and students with scholars on topics such as career guidance, nutrition and emotional control, among others.

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