The most important news of October 13 in Mexico

The most important news of October 13 in Mexico


Conagua: Cold fronts and heavy rains dominate the panorama in these states: Pack your bags and prepare your umbrella… Cold front No. 6 will extend and interact with the low pressure channel, bringing rain and a drop in temperature to the Mexican mainland, according to the National Weather Service (SMN) of the National Water Commission (Conagua).


Morena reveals the final candidates for 9 governors for the 2024 elections: They were selected by the National Election Commission of Morena, taking into account the first poll.

FGR clashes with Mario Aburto. He will challenge against SCJN: The Public Prosecutor’s Office seeks to revoke the protection granted to confessed murderer Luis Donaldo Colosio.

Ramon Sosamontes, a former collaborator of Rosario Robles, is linked to the operation in the “Master Scam” case.: The former head of the defunct Sidesol social media office will be freely tried.

AMLO says Rocío Nalli resigns from the Department of Energy: The former president of Sener aspires to compete to run for the Veracruz government with Morena.

Using artificial intelligence, an IPN student modified thousands of photos of female students and sold them as intimate content: They will review images found on the mobile devices of the alleged perpetrator, who would post edited images of up to 1,000 women, passing them off as intimate content and disseminating them without their consent.


A journalist was killed and six injured in an Israeli attack on southern LebanonThey confirmed that photographer Essam Abdullah was killed in the attack.

“We’re not here for bullshit,” the strike is entering an “aggressive” phase, warns the American Automobile AssociationMeanwhile, Ford confirmed that it was no longer able to provide more economic benefits to its workers in the United States to end the strike.

They kill a teacher and wound two at a high school in France: The head of state responded to the event and stated that he would not “surrender to terrorism.”


Lizeth N adds over 60 complaints of real estate fraud in Saltillo: The State Attorney’s Office reported that up to 30 cases have already been submitted to the judiciary.

AHMSA denies new arrest warrant against Alonso AncerraA steel company spokesman confirms that the information indicating that an arrest warrant was issued against the businessman on charges of tax evasion is incorrect.

Coahuila: They see catalysts as necessary because of the electromobility boom: After proximal stimuli, they consider it possible to enhance electromobility through in-entity stimuli.

Shows and sports

Cristiano Ronaldo sentenced to 99 lashes for adultery in Iran?Al-Nasr player was convicted of kissing the Israeli painter Fatima Hamami, during a meeting in which he presented a painting by the artist.

It will happen again! “Fans are going crazy over the popcorn and Taylor Swift glasses at the movie theaters… and in Saltillo too: Fans of the music star have packed cinemas, although Cinépolis will only allow limited sales.

Saltillo goalkeeper Mariangela Medina is ready to train with Bayern Munich: Only 17 years old, the goalkeeper from Coahuila comes to Germany to test herself and gain experience with the Bavarian team.

What to do in Saltillo? Natanael Cano, Karimi from Acapulco Shore and Taylor Swift in the movies: This weekend there are once again great musical events, as well as the arrival of “The Eras Tour” to cinemas.


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Annular solar eclipse

UAdeC’s Mud and Astronomical Observatory, locations to observe the solar eclipse in Saltillo on Saturday: Despite the chances of rain and the possibility of partially seeing the astronomical phenomenon in the capital, Coahuila, the museum and university are preparing to receive guests.

How do you take pictures of Saturday’s solar eclipse with your cell phone?:Everything is ready to be part of the solar phenomenon! Just like our eyes, cameras also need to be protected.

Annular solar eclipse: We tell you the exact time you can enjoy it in your cityPlease note that regular dark glasses are not suitable for these events, as safety sun visors must comply with international standard ISO 12312-2.

Coahuila: “A solar eclipse can affect people physically and emotionally”: The astrological phenomenon is defined in the holistic sense as a moment of contemplation to recognize the darkness of the personality and emerge anew with its own brilliance.

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