After he was fired, he shared Starbucks recipes

After he was fired, he shared Starbucks recipes
  • Starbucks aims to reach a total of 2,000 stores by 2027, or 150 stores annually.

  • Starbucks sells the “third place,” that place that is neither home nor work but a special place to spend time with friends and family, a concept pioneered by Howard Schultz.

  • Starbucks has more than 30,000 coffee shops in 83 countries, strengthening its position as the coffee brand of choice worldwide.

Suddenly arriving at work and being told that you are fired is unacceptable. Some people become depressed or angry, and this is exactly what happened to this boy. Through social networking the barista who was fired from Starbucks She decided to take revenge by sharing the drink recipes on social media.

Discomfort from an unexpected event He uploaded all the recipes on his Twitter accountFrom cold coffee with milk to different combinations of espresso. Of course there has been no shortage of comments, as there are those who claim it is illegal.

But let’s be honest, Layoffs are not the end of the worldOn the contrary, it is the beginning of a new cycle. In life, we face good times but also bad times, as well as great challenges and tests that can sometimes make us feel sad, angry, and even confused. It is common that when they announce that you are leaving the company, you feel uncertainty, anger, frustration and endless uncomfortable feelings. That’s why when they call you to tell you you’re fired It is better to listen to the reasons for your expulsion and try to control your emotions..

Starbucks imposed fashion by being… One of the first brands to start customizing customers’ drinks. This brand is known for the experience it offers, which is always accompanied by jazz, bossa nova music and a pleasant coffee aroma. In fact, it is one of the companies that hundreds of young people consider as a choice for their first job. Currently, this coffee chain has more than 750 stores in Mexico, according to information from Alsea.

So far, Starbucks has more than 30,000 coffee shops in 83 countries, and has cemented itself as the coffee brand of choice worldwide. In fact, a new café recently opened in New York Reserve store It is located in one of the famous places in this city, and it also consists of three floors Royal County Building.

And finally, Madison, the girl who was also unexpectedly kicked out He decided to take revenge on his boss. Madison was so upset by this unexpected event that in her video she had fun recalling her Machiavellian plan. Part of this revenge consisted of endless photos of her childhood, which were numbered and scattered throughout the office, With the goal that her boss will remember her when he finds them..

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