The movie Monsters Awakens will be filmed in Peru


Madrid, 23 June. (entertainment culture) –

Transformers: monster awakenThe seventh installment of the highly dangerous science fiction fantasy is already in the works. Stephen Capley Jr. This groundbreaking movie will direct Hit theaters in June 2022 This will be filmed, among other places, in Peru using Machu Picchu as privileged areas.

This is amazing a new movie It will be located after seven years bumblebee, the spin-off to the friendly Yellow Autobot, and several years before the start of the first five films of the saga directed by Michael Bay.

The Transformers game that has thrilled viewers around the world for 14 years is back, with more action and scenes Transformers: Awaken MonstersBack to the 90’s, we bring you Maximals, Predacons y Terrorcons In the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons‘, read the official synopsis of the film.

And as they confirmed during a virtual event attended by the director Stephen Capley Jr., the product Lorenzo de Bonaventure, the heroes Anthony Ramos And Dominic FishbackPeru will be one of the filming locations for the new Transformers movie.

Transformers Photography: The awakening of monsters in Machubicho is a great privilege. Our goal is to evoke the spiritual connection that one feels when they are in sacred places like this and enjoy what this great civilization has achieved,” says the film’s director who also confirms that he will work with him. “Responsibility” for “not detracting from the story, So we work hard to keep the historical portion separate from the fictional novels we contribute.”

“As a filmmaker, I find it really inspiring that we immerse our film in the Peruvian culture, this time we will have the opportunity to shoot Cusco, located high in the Andes mountain range; Where can traces be found The advanced Inca civilization that survived in time And it continues to live in Cusco communities,” Capelli Jr. added of filming in Peru.

The film will be shot during the last quarter of the year, and select locations are located in the Cusco and San Martín regions. For this Proyect, Paramount Pictures works with Peruvian production company Apu Productions. The film will open in theaters in June 2022.

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