The national strike continues: This is how the demonstrations proceeded on Wednesday in the main cities of the country

The Unemployment Commission decided to continue the protests on Wednesday, May 5. Photo: Colprensa

The Unemployment Committee confirmed, through statements, that the protests will continue, on Wednesday, May 5, for the eighth consecutive day. Despite the victims, disappearances, and evidence of police brutality, human rights violations and acts of vandalism that have taken place since April 28, the demonstrations continue with the world’s eyes on Colombia.

“It was decided to preserve, strengthen and expand unemployment and social mobilization by bringing together other sectors and social areas in the country.” In this direction, they carried out a large mobilization throughout the national territory on May 5 Which should be followed by the actions of unity and struggle to expand and preserve them at the rural and urban level and direct the preservation of all biosecurity measures, “ They indicated in the message.


The nation’s capital was without doubt one of the centers of the national strike due to the large influx of demonstrators during the days of the protest. However, according to El Espectador, Today’s session will feature students from some private universities.

Externado, Uniandes, Rosario, Javeriana, Grancolombia and University of Applied and Environmental Sciences are some of the institutions that will meet in Cali 19 with Carrera 3. From there, students will go to Parque de los Hippies, in Chapinero.

On the other hand, students of the Military University will meet in a sit-in in front of the institution, north of the city. At around 9 a.m. today, the Unemployment Commission has summoned protesters in the national park. In Soba, to the northwest, a sit-in in front of the Soba Gate was planned starting at 6 a.m.

With these, the foci of the other parades will be: the County Planetarium, the Memorial of Memory, the County University, Cali 40 with 7ma, the Monument to the Heroes, El Dorado Airport, Glorieta el Tintal, South Portal, University of Cundinamarca and Sevillana, among others. .. Likewise, the Bogota mayor’s office announced tonight the points at which human rights auditors will be found in 13 locations in the city.


According to local Centrópolis, these will be the focus points and schedules of activities in the city:

At 3:00 PM, there will be a cacerolazo from Cali 97 with Carrera 39, in Commune 1, to Aranjuez Park and at 6:30 PM, a candlelight for victims is expected at UVA del Tesoro. At 2:00 p.m., there will be a possible rally and march on the San Javier Water Screen of what has been named “Peaceful Squad C13”.


Barranquilla, located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, will begin parades from south to north at 8:30 am on Wednesday. From Calle 45, known as Murillo, the rally that you intend to end will begin at the Plaza de la Paz, a meeting point par excellence for parades in the Atlantic capital.


It’s 9 in the morningThe Cartagena people will start their day at the Nestra Senora del Carmen administrative school, in the city center and on the street of Pedro de Heredia, and intend to go towards the El Bosque neighborhood, in the industrial zone of the Bolivar capital. Then, according to an El Universal report, the goal is to circumvent and end the protest at the same meeting point.


According to the local newspaper Vanguardia, starting at nine in the morning, the mobilization will take place in the capital, Santander. These will start from the Seine Headquarters in Florida and at the height of the Provenza Bridge. After that, a meeting point will be established in Puerta del Sol at 10 am which will lead to Plaza Civica, at Calle 35. Later, around two in the afternoon, the UIS students will move in and the focus is called to San Pio Park.


According to Radio Blue, in the capital, Huila, they will be mobilized starting at 8 a.m. and protesters will gather at four different points in the city. The convention center, Sena Industrial, Metropolitan Park and Max Duque Avenue will be the starting points and everyone will gather at Santander Cultural Events Park.


In the provincial capital of Meta, it was It is 9 am when the protesters will meet at the OCOA Bridge Sector and the Porfia Strip near the Acacias exit. As a final point, Founders Park has been suggested for symbolic events.

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