A 25-year-old woman was expecting twins, but she gave birth to nine children

The woman was expecting seven children but when she was born they realized that she had nine children in her womb.

The financial government announced Tuesday that a A woman who thought she was pregnant with twins Gave birth in Morocco, West, sunset To nine children, five girls, and four boys, and “They are all fine.”

Halima Cisse, 25, from Timbuktu, was transferred on 30 March from Bamako, where she was being treated, to Morocco, West, sunsetIn order to better monitor this pregnancy, it is “out of the ordinary,” according to the Ministry of Health.

Specialists were concerned about his health and The chances of survival of the embryos.

The mother gave birth by caesarean section to “Nine children instead of seven announced the results of an ultrasound performed in both Mali and Morocco”The ministry said in a statement.

“So far, the mother and her children are fine,” Health Minister Fanta Sepi said, noting that she was informed by the financial doctor who accompanied the mother to Morocco, West, sunset.

“They will be back in a few weeks,” he said.

The Minister “congratulates the medical teams to Mali Morocco, West, sunset, Whose professionalism is the origin of the happy outcome of this pregnancy, “and “Wishes a long life to the children and the mother”According to their services.

Until now, it is not known how advanced your pregnancy will be The weight of the children is unknown.

There is also no information on whether the woman has undergone IVF treatment, which is known to cause multiple births.

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