The Netflix Mistake That Annoyed ‘Seinfeld’ Fans

The Netflix Mistake That Annoyed ‘Seinfeld’ Fans

United State. On October 1, Seinfeld returned to Netflix, after two years away from the platform, which is something subscribers really celebrate.

As expected, which was rated as one of the best sitcoms in history, quickly caught the eyes of all its fans, striving to remember the crazy stories of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer.

Now a remix of the series created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld has brought it to 4K resolution, making it even more attractive to new viewers.

But Netflix seems to have missed out on a small and essential detail in terms of formatting, as its settings were hit hard by stopping to opt for 4:3 original for 16:9 ratio.

Now with the new format, it indicates that the frame is different and many elements are left out of the field, which some fans have the string untransferred

An example in which the story was affected by the change of form is given in the chapter “The Hole”, where it is necessary to see the hole in the street that George complains about during the episode and about which he complains to see the name of the episode, because when referring to the asphalt the scene loses its meaning.

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