Only Denis Villeneuve will make a Batman movie

Only Denis Villeneuve will make a Batman movie

Director Denis Villeneuve just released a fantastic sci-fi epic DUNE and has now revealed that if he made a superhero movie, it would only be Batman.

newly Denis Villeneuve swipe movies Marvel Film Studios Because they are all the same. But still, he doesn’t shut himself out of directing a superhero movie one day, even though he’d just choose Batman. But this is clearly a difficult thing to do. Since we have many versions The Dark Knight Coming soon to the cinema.

In March 2022 they will be shown for the first time Batman Directed by Matt Reeves, where they will restart the character he is playing Robert Patterson. But then it will be released in theaters in November of the same year. Sparkle from Andres MoschettiWhere we will see releases Ben Affleck And Michael Keaton. And therefore Denis Villeneuve You must wait.

Here we leave you part of the interview.

How about DUNE Part 2?

Denis Villeneuve He also commented that he is very immersed in THE WORLD OF DUNE Enough to think of anything else and after the international premiere where I’ve so far raised $103 million, we’ll have to wait a bit to see what reception it has in the US. But let’s hope that people will go to the cinema to watch it, because it will be the only way we can watch the second part. Given that the first installment is so much fun, it would be a shame if they couldn’t keep it up.

while deciding whether to do DUNE PART 2Denis Villeneuve will be responsible for the spin-off series dealing with I did well. This is the female system that changes their abilities to gain power and thus manipulate people, but above all to deal with events from the shadows. The movie already showed something about this group and now they’ll explain it better with a series of HBO Max.

What is more, Denis Villeneuve He wants to make his own version of Cleopatra, although this project still does not involve any actress. however, Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman will also be shooting a movie about this historical figure and it will be shown Gal Gadot. So in no time have we been able to see two Cleopatra in the movies.

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