The Nintendo Live History rumor seems to be based on speculation only

The Nintendo Live History rumor seems to be based on speculation only

We get a new and interesting compilation that is directly related to nintendo. We are talking in this case about Common Which is already starting to spread around the supposed Nintendo Direct is on the way.

Specifically, the information comes from Reddit and appears to be based solely on speculation. This is what we were able to discover:

  • The same rumors suggest that Nintendo Direct will happen on June 15, 2022, something that has yet to be officially confirmed.
  • For credibility, a screenshot of a video game-related PR company is attached, although this screenshot doesn’t mention Nintendo Direct at all.
  • The email itself is legit and real, but it doesn’t say anything about Nintendo Direct or include references to this presentation – it’s just Standard email about whether a game can be covered for analysis
  • This rumor is believed to stem from speculation by the cartel itself, and has nothing to do with the email itself. Apparently, the email indicates that the analysis ban expires on June 15, 2022 and that has led to the assumption that there will be a Nintendo Direct on that day

Nintendo Direct drops next Wednesday (via Switch developer email) desde Leaks and rumors

As you can see, at the moment nothing is certain and everything seems to be based on speculation. We will have to pay attention to more details. What do you think of the news? You can share it in the comments.


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