“The OAS is a space where differences and isolation deepen,” Mexico criticizes Almagro’s work


Mexico question the work Organization of American States (OAS) in 51 years General Assembly He referred to his Uruguayan Secretary General Louis Almagro, from “significant damage” to this organism.

“The OAS The permanent representative of . said Mexico before the OASAnd Almond Elena Baños Rivas, during his speech at the regional meeting.

“On the contrary, it is a space where Differences and the isolationand where biased agendas are promoted,” the diplomat added.

The words of the Mexican official came on the second day of General Assembly The international organization, which takes place from November 10 to 12 in Guatemala as a virtual location.

Banios said so in OAS It “aims at providing solutions to domestic problems” from the outside through “resolutions contrary to international law” and the entity’s corporate “charter”.

The Mexican official gave an example of the “challenges” that the Organization of American States has not faced with the uneven distribution of vaccines against COVID-19 and the political crisis it has experienced. Bolivia in 2019.

He repeated in the same way that “Mexico rejects any attempt to change the institutional system of any country,” in turn expressed disappointment because OAS Close the investigation into what happened in Bolivia in 2019.

Almagro’s criticism

The representative of Mexico also criticized the “administration” Almagrowhich, in his opinion, “had severely damaged the organization”.

bathrooms He questioned, among other things, the role of Almagro during the political crisis of Bolivia 2019 and the “biased” behavior of the Secretary-General.

Unfortunately, the Secretary-General prefers the short and easy way charging interest Of part of the “OAS” membership, said Banios, who added that to build differences, you don’t need “any multilateral organization.”

“It is enough that you check the social networks,” the diplomat said. Almagro “To check his intense personal agenda by talking about matters that are his personal priorities, and often far removed from the interests, needs, and challenges of our peoples and governments.”

Delegates from 34 countries will participate until Friday Director’s deliberations Member of the Organization of American States.

With information from EFE

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