Video: A bull escapes from a slaughterhouse in Brazil, crashes into a waterslide and becomes the local star



November 11, 2021, 22:07 GMT

Now the animal, which came out of the adventure unscathed, will become a pet and will receive the name Tobogã, which means “to skate”.

An ignorant bull appeared in a strange rescue on November 6, when he rode a waterslide in a club located in the municipality of Nova Granada, in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, reach g 1.

As we saw in the recording that went viral on social networks, the quadrupedal slipped on the slide and got stuck when sliding. After that several witnesses came to his aid and they managed to get him out by pushing him into the pond.

I thought the slide wouldn’t hold up. The club’s president, Joao Luiz Andrade Zivul, admitted that they say he can carry up to 200 kilos. The animal was a little hot, wanted to swim and use the waterslide, that’s all. “The animal is not dead, it’s just cleaner,” he said.

As the owner of the bull, Carlos Miguel Serrante, revealed the two-year-old animal, which was raised on a nearby farm, He escaped shortly before being taken to the slaughterhouse. “A man came to tell me that [el buey] He had climbed over a sleigh. “I couldn’t believe it,” Ceranti said.

And now the ruminant owner who came out unscathed from the adventure decided that his ox will become in mascot And you will receive a name sleigh, which means “slip”. “He will stay here for the people,” he stressed. “People want to know where he is. He has become an attraction.”

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