The Orange Moon dazzles and presumably on social networks

A rare color on Earth’s satellite, which stole the Internet’s attention. Photo: Agence France-Presse/Archive

the The orange moon was a hero Sunday night on social networks, where netizens took the opportunity to share photos of the show.

However, although the pictures on the Internet were accompanied by inspirational texts and descriptions of beauty subordinate Satellite, this should be clarified it’s not natural phenomenon But it is the result of forest fires.

the Forest fires In the northwest of the United States and southwest of Canada They’ve been stained orange since last Friday night’s full moon in July, while smoke from the multiple lights has moved to the east

the The smoke affected the color of the moon by making it look orange until SundayIf the fire situation does not change and cannot be controlled, You will definitely keep looking at the blush.

How many fires are there in the United States?

Dozens of large forest fires They burn in parts of Oregon, Montana, Idaho and California, with the Bootleg Fire in Oregon being the largest and third in the state in records dating back to 1900.

Wildfire season has just begun in the western United States (aggravated by a worrying drought) and thousands of firefighters are facing about 80 major fires. By the beginning of the week more than 4700 square kilometers of vegetation.

In California, several towns were evacuated before the flames creeped in “Dixie Fire”, a shooting This could be caused by a tree falling on the power lines of a major electricity provider, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E).

  • These conditions have repercussions on Earth and, more recently, on color.

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