The penguin jumps off a tourist boat to avoid being eaten

The penguin successfully escapes from an attack by some killer whale.

a The penguin He got rid of the sure death that was going to happen in him Orca hand, By quickly jumping in the boat of the tourists who were passing by.

In the video that was spread on social media and recorded by Matt Carsten You can see exactly which moment a Gentoo penguin Being chased by a group of killer whales.

The clip shows how the animal hastily jumps in the boat of tourists who were enjoying the spectacular view of the Gerlach Strait, in Antarctica.

Initially, this feat was not so easy for the penguin First he fell into the ocean while trying to climb onto the boat.

On a second try, we appreciate how, thanks to the force with which he jumped, he could reach the boat Save yourself from killer whale attack.

However, the orcas did not give in so easily and began chasing the boat where the tourists were.

“It was like watching an episode of National Geographic directly,” Matt Carsten, author of the video, said.

The video has already reached nearly a million views and has many comments from users who thought it was “Funny” This is a feat.

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