The percentage of European content on Netflix and global streaming screens is increasing

The percentage of European content on Netflix and global streaming screens is increasing

New data from Ampere Analysis revealed that the streaming giant has 30 percent or more of European content in its offerings in nearly all of its core European markets, reflecting the rapid growth of European content on streaming platforms in recent months.

The notable exception is in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where 27 percent of titles are European. France also comes in a little lower, as do smaller markets such as Belgium and Switzerland.

With 30 percent European quota regulations for streaming creators already introduced in many markets, Netflix is ​​now one step closer to meeting requirements across Europe. Ampère indicated that the change to achieve the quota is recent. In December 2021, 16 of the 27 markets analyzed were less than 30 percent. Even in the UK, Netflix will reach 30 per cent European content with only 408 titles added from the region. Less would be needed for France, Belgium or Switzerland to reach 30 per cent.

Although Netflix outperforms its global streaming rivals in its European content lineup, Amazon also leads with a 30 percent share in Germany, Switzerland and Italy and is on par with Netflix in the UK with 27 percent. of European origin. Other Amazon markets range from 16 percent to 28 percent in Europe.

“Netflix has expanded the proportion of European titles in its catalog to the point that compliance with quota regulations should not have a negative impact on its regional business,” said Jay Beeson, director of research at Ampere Analysis. “This achievement is a reflection of the huge investment in content outside the US that is quickly mirroring in other global streaming players. Perhaps most surprising of Netflix’s 30 per cent milestone is the fact that some of the major new studios are rapidly approaching a similar percentage of European content in their local catalogs.

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