The Pope asserts that Brazilians have no salvation: “a lot of cachacha and little prayer”


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RIO DE JANEIRO (Sputnik) – Pope Francis joked with a group of Brazilians after the general public in the Vatican, saying that they are not being saved because of their love for the cachaca and their little prayers.

One of the priests told him, “Holy Father, pray for us Brazilians,” and Pope Francis responded with a smile and joked: “You have no salvation, a lot of cachaas and a little prayer,” according to a video posted by the G1 portal. .

The person asked to pray was Pastor Joao Paulo Soto Vitor, from Campina Grande (northeastern Paraíba), who responded with a nervous laugh to the joke.

Pope Francis, as an Argentine, is a very good expert on Brazil, and the South American country was the first to visit it once the Pope was elected, during International Youth Day Held in Rio de Janeiro in 2013.

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