The President of the University welcomes new medical students


Zacatecas, Zak. On the farewell tour, University President Antonio Guzman Fernandez went to the municipality of Fresnelo to the Academic Unit of Human Medicine and Health Sciences, where a ceremony was held to impose a cloak on the students who obtained the first three places in the process of entering this program.

Upon delivering his speech, the university president stated that it was his administration’s commitment to saving and strengthening the academic unit in Fresnelo, which tended to disappear, “We are not wrong, given this circumstance in which we find ourselves, an opportunity to continue to open spaces for the generation of doctors with human qualities, a feature Characteristic of the Independent University of Zacatecas. “

For his part, Fresnelo Mayor Sail Monreale Avila thanked the Foundation for its interest in implementing various projects in this municipality, and expressed his commitment to the new administration.

Estefania Bustamante Madrigal, Claudia Lisa García Marín and Jes يs Yehr Martínez Luna, were the freshmen who won first, second and third places respectively, in the admission process to the Academic Unit of Human Medicine and Health Sciences at the Fresno Campus due to recognition and imposition of a dress.

As Secretary-General, Robin Ibarra Reyes asked young people to do their best, because their presence is essential, as imposing a dress – although it is an official event – represents the ability that society leaves in their hands in particular. At times like those we are experiencing in a health crisis; In return, they were asked to put forth the name of the Fresnillo Human Medicine Academic Program as well as the name of the institution.

He is proud of the training of distinguished doctors, who for 12 years have enriched the medical factory that helps combat diseases that afflict the population, and in this epidemic they played an important role by being at the forefront of attention, as he mentioned in his speech delivered by the Director of the Academic Unit of Human Medicine and Health Sciences Roberto Nava Espinosa.

He explained that the Fresnelo campus had been strengthened in the previous administration, as facilities, bibliographic collection, internet and cafeteria were improved, which became a reality with the support of the municipality.

Addressing the youth, he said, “They wear this dress elegantly and honestly, because that represents the doctor’s job.”

The university president was accompanied by liaison coordinator Angel Roman Gutierrez. Chief of the Department of General Medicine, William Ortiz Briceno and Head of the Fresno Attaché, Juan Carlos Alcala.

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