The real story behind the Netflix series

The real story behind the Netflix series

a few days ago Added to the Netflix catalog Who is Anna? (Originally titled Anna’s creation), a long-awaited series produced by Shonda Rhimes (instinct anatomy s Bridgeton). Well, it is known that the text of this show Inspired by a New York Magazine article by Jessica Pressler It was titled “How Anna Delphi Fooled New York Party Members”. The real person that this investigation deals with is Anna Sorokin, who appeared years earlier as a wealthy German heiress named Anna Delphi.

By building that alter ego, a woman was able to Sneak into the circle The most exclusive of high society in New York. Thanks to his versatility and charisma, I managed to defraud countless people, banks, hotels and companies with invalid credit cards and submitting completely fake bank statements.

Create Anna – Image: Netflix

As reported by media such as RespectedSorokin has arrived! Create a foundation, private club, art organization and attract wealthy donors To enhance your personal brand. On the other hand, she has also become a very influential figure on Instagram.

Anna was eventually evicted after being removed from various hotels due to lack of funds in her account. In October 2017, thanks to a police operation, she was arrested While in an addiction treatment center in Los Angeles.

It turns out that he is in the midst of the judicial proceedings against him Sorokin illegally received nearly $275,000 During her years as a con artist. In April 2019, the young Russian-German was convicted on eight counts.These include theft of services, attempted grand larceny of the first degree, grand larceny of the second degree, and grand larceny of the third degree. She was sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison. He was fined $24,000 and paid $99,000 in compensation.

she has He spent most of his time behind bars at a correctional facility in Albion, New York And at the beginning of 2021, she was released early. Shortly thereafter, she was detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement for overstaying her visa and He is in prison awaiting deportation to Germany.

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