The science: all the benefits of skateboarding after age 30


We usually associate walking in skateboards With young people, especially in adolescence.

but according to Recent scientific study, Lifestyle Ski It may have many health benefits among people mid-age.

What is the reason for this idea? Then we will tell you all about it.

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Skateboard and middle age

According to the investigation of Dr. Paul O’ConnorResearcher at the University of Exeter (UK), there are many benefits to using the device on a daily basis skateboards middle aged.

According to the study, skateboards It helps middle-aged people (between 40 and 60 years old) overcome depression, connect with their children, and even gain “spiritual meaning” from life.

The researcher found that in addition to the obvious physical benefits, skateboarding helps alleviate mental health issues and gives “deep meaning and resonance” to the spiritual sense that they give their passage through this world.

As if that wasn’t enough, lifestyle Ski It gives middle-aged people “access to be part of society” and “an identity separate from other parts of their lives.”

To reach his conclusions, O’Connor interviewed skaters from different parts of the world, who agreed to take surveys to determine the benefits they got from maintaining their skateboarding hobby. Ski.

It becomes fashionable again

travel in skateboards It flourished in the 1980s, and later a dark time for most of the 1990s, as the movement stopped growing, and even lost popularity.

In recent years, especially due to its arrival as an official sport at the Olympic Games, it has gained a new height of popularity, intriguingly attracting not only young people but also mature people who have put their tastes aside. Ski.

One of the reasons for the sport’s sudden popularity, according to experts, is the measure of success in sports Ski It’s “less tough” and straightforward compared to other sports. In fact, failure is part of the activity, and this brings a different perspective from other physical activities.

Skateboard helps fight depression

Dr. Paul O’Connor found it based on responses from skaters Middle-aged, ride skateboards Relieves symptoms of depression and other mental health problems.

In addition, most of the interviewees revealed that skateboards It gave them the opportunity to communicate with their children.

Many others also replied that Ski He helped them get through difficult times and overcome addiction.

Interestingly enough, although everyone mentions that keeping fit was the main reason to keep traveling skateboards, the majority affirmed that Ski It helped them get through the tough times.

middle age crisis?

O’Connor argues that most of the media tends to ridicule the 40-year-old skater, associating it with a “midlife crisis.”

“These criticisms are usually directed at men and tend to belittle the middle-aged skater as a joke,” he added.

In contrast, middle-aged skaters are often well valued, and are associated with inclusion Ski.

The men are criticized for associating the continuation of this activity with “research to preserve their youth”.

Sports and lifestyle

The specialist confirms that Ski It is a “lifestyle sport”, more related to the simple enjoyment of being active and less related to competition with another.

“In skateboarding, there is a more fluid understanding of success and one that is susceptible to failure as an episodic part of the activity, both learning and progressing.”

The expert believes that these types of activities should be accepted with more openness, avoiding associating them with the immaturity of their practitioners.

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