The shocking video of Chicago Cubs recorded by a drone is all the rage on the networks

The shocking video of Chicago Cubs recorded by a drone is all the rage on the networks
The baseball franchise was able to capture a unique way of how you experience an MLB game preview

If the Oscars had a category for drone movies, the 4.07-minute video released this week Chicago Cubs He will definitely keep the little figurine. Is this privilege? baseball An American shared on social networks a work dedicated to his followers and caused a stir on social networks.

For the best baseball fans, The team wrote in their official accounts when publishing the tour recorded by a drone that allows you to soak up the atmosphere around one of the most popular sports in the United States. Without even showing off hitting or running around the house, the clip managed to convey the spirit of each of his fans in the hours before each duel began.

It all starts with the drone flying over the train, passing by Wrigley fielda house Cubs. From there, drown in morphe ovarys, one of the popular bars in the area that is usually packed with fans before and after every match.

With some ambient sounds and the addition of stories from historical campaigns, the drone begins to spin out of the 41,000-plus spectator venue. On this trip, he meets fans who spend their time dining, touring the area, or even playing baseball, showing a love for MLB’s defining sporting traits.

The video also offers great shots of Galagroway, A public green space where giant screens are usually installed so that thousands of people can follow sporting events and which, logically, has become a meeting point for fans of Cubs.

The Chicago Cubs have three World Championship titles (USA TODAY Sports)

After this stop, the drone passes over the roof of one of the stands and manages to take a general shot of the stadium, revealing not only its dimensions, but also what has not been seen before. At one point the drone crossed a screen to appear behind the scenes of the show every weekend.

But, one of the best video moments already Over 23,000 likes on Twitter and 6.4 million views, It occurs when the drone begins to glide through internal corridors where only the staff and players can reach it. Also, enter the locker room, the training room and even the tunnel that leads to the playing field. It’s there where the fans’ skin sways, because the camera seems to show how baseball players live as they walk toward the green with a deafening scream that wakes anyone’s nerves when the field is full, see the last shot.

Three winners international series 1907, 1908, 2016, Cubs are part of Chicagoeven though they lived many times in the shadow of the Bullwhich captured the flashes in the ’90s due to the success of Michael Jordan And the company. However, in recent years they have returned to the local sports arena and their fanaticism has multiplied, which is shown in the video.

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