The silk blouse worn by Queen Letizia, through which she showed elegance and elegance during the traditional military Easter

The silk blouse worn by Queen Letizia, through which she showed elegance and elegance during the traditional military Easter

in mexico, Day of Kings It is celebrated with gifts and cakes, but in other parts of the world the tradition changes completely and an example of this is Spain, where in that distant land this date marks the beginning of the official activities of King Philip And the Queen Letizia Every January 6, the royal couple attends the symbolic ceremony Military Easter In the majestic Royal Palace of Madrid, showing off Relentless stares That deserves recognition.

The silk blouse with which Queen Letizia conquered Easter

It represents his first official work Mrs. Letizia After the Christmas celebrations, and for nearly two decades, since its first appearance in 2005, the festival has become queen She captivates with her choice of understated styles, demonstrating that classic clothing can become a piece of art Absolute success If they are combined in the right way.

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For nearly 20 years she has been attending the ceremony Queen Letizia She was characterized by wearing very basic and elegant clothes, which in turn conformed to the required protocol and showed her preference for two-piece sets. This year was no exception as he managed to combine the flour Silk blouse In pearl with classic color Pencil skirt In elegant black, once again demonstrating its ability to blend tradition With the Modernity.

Princess Leonor's Easter look

To beat the cold days, the Queen also wore a… Knit wool cape In black, this one had fur detailing at the neck for warmth. from her side, Princess Eleanor She had not had the opportunity to wear fashionable clothes since then, as he had dictated traditionattended this big event with him The military uniform; They both pulled their hair up while doing so Queen Letizia She opted for a low ponytail with side bangs princess She adhered to protocol by wearing a very elegant bun.

Although she doesn't have the chance to dazzle with lavish dresses or historical jewelry, there is one detail that immediately catches attention: the belt is made by… Charles III Which was granted to him in his country Eighteenth birthday Last October 31.

This badge, which he has never displayed in public before, adds a distinctive and personal touch to his military uniform, not only symbolizing his connection to the country's history and traditions. Royal familyBut also its growing role in the Spanish monarchy. Thus, the Princess of Asturias, with her military uniform and impressive sash, reflects a unique combination of protocolThe symbolism and elegance of military Easter.

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