The sport’s failure assumed by the government


Failure. There is no other definition for . The Mexican delegation in Tokyo 2020, I already refer to the numbers. Anna Guevara was promised 10 medals, 4 of which were won; Well, three, because Football does not belong to a state sport.

after, after Great Central American and Caribbean Games And some historical Pan American Games, performance Mexico in Tokyo was sad.

We go in parts. Diving, a medal – and for the first time in history all Olympic places won – a gray performance, or rather: a fiasco. Taekwondo was crying, disgraceful, and a failure. In shooting, he won the unimaginable medal, for being a promiscuous. Modern pentathlon, absolutely nothing either. In golf, not even close to promises. in sports shooting, Jorge Orozco wasn’t bad, but he finished fourth. Alexa Moreno in prayer, synchronized swimming is not close. Conclusion: Mexico’s worst performance in the last six Olympics.

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Four bronze medals: Alejandra Valencia and Luis Alvarez in mixed shootingAlejandra Orozco and Gabriela Agündez on synchronous platformAremi Fuentes in weightliftingand football which has nothing to do with government-sponsored sports, Achievements of the Mexican Football Federation.

About the fourth places:

1. – Alexa Moreno, artistic gymnastics (horse jumping). Without Simone Biles, the South Korean who was bronze had even more difficulty on her first jump.
2. – Yahel Castillo Juan CelayaDiving (synchronous trampoline). Yahl missed the last jump, when they actually took the safe medal after the Russians’ foul.
3.- Gabriela Agündez, nailed (single platform).
4.— Women’s softball team. He surrendered to Canada, and had a losing record (2-3) to reach the Battle of Bronze.
5.- Jorge OrozcoRifle (Olympic pit). With his father’s money, get ready. Conade did not file an appeal.
6. – Diego Baleza and Kevin Berlin, nailed (synchronous platform).
7.— Dolores Hernandez and Carolina MendozaDiving (synchronous trampoline).

About the finals:

They reached 21 (Anna Guevara has confirmed there will be 30.)
In 40% of the sports that Mexico went to Tokyo, it has Actor among the top eight of the rating.

medal table:

84th place out of 93 countries that won medals. It has only passed Finland, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Grenada, Kuwait, Moldova and Syria.

it’s a Worst country in latin americabehind Brazil (seven gold), Cuba (six gold), Argentina (one silver), Venezuela (one gold), Colombia (four silver and one bronze), the Dominican Republic (three silver and one bronze) and Ecuador (two gold).

Mexico finished behind countries like San Marino, which has only five athletes, but is a silver and two bronze medalist; Uganda, with two gold, one silver and one bronze medals (25 athletes), Fiji IslandsWhich has gold and copper (32 athletes) as well as Bermuda, which has A pair of athletes won a gold medal in a triathlon.

if it was Along with small and poor countries Such as Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Grenada.

the Appreciation of sport, without guiding power, is not possible As at other times, having the power to make decisions, such as diving or taekwondo. Not as at other times. It’s not cheating, it’s not corruption, it’s part of these sports to have stress levels so that half of the points are high and not low. Thus they won medals for divers, Among them is Paola Espinosa.

Conclusion: Revered, a resounding failure. If there are no measures, if no decision is made, they will continue to deceive everyone, the athletes, the fans and the President of the Republic, who, due to his lack of knowledge of the subject, is convinced that It was a successful OlympicsMexicans’ money is well invested, when reality shows a sport in decline and Persistent corruption in many unions.


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