The thief fainted! MMA fighter thwarts robbery with brutal chokehold (Video) – Fox Sports

The thief fainted!  MMA fighter thwarts robbery with brutal chokehold (Video) – Fox Sports

a Assault element It ended in beating From MMA fighter to thiefWho, with a knife in his hand, wanted to take his car from him. mixed martial arts expert, Javier BaezThanks to it, it spread on social media Video of the beating carried out by the thief They even approached him to teach self-defense classes.

Already retired from the octagons, but with tremendous experience in contact sports, Baez was approached by a thief Who violently broke his car’s passenger side window. When the lover of other people’s things shouted at him to get out so he could get in the car, the… A “show” to the fighter until the thief faints.

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The criminal, Omar Marrero, when he saw a man in great physical condition getting out of the car, took out a knife to try to intimidate him, not knowing that it was he who would end up begging for mercy after the struggle that sent him to the ground.

Baez slammed the thief, Marrero, onto the concreteWho was exposed in moments to the skill of the alleged victim. He was crouched down on the ground with the knife out of reach, he Mixed martial arts player He applied the choke switch To completely stop the attempted assault and wait for the police.

According to the athlete himself who gave an interview to the media TMZ Sports, The thief woke up when he was handing him over to the police To take him to prison, as he had a criminal record, as he knew.

he The video went viral The effect was like this Javier Báez was contacted to teach self-defense classesEither individually or at some gyms in the Cutler Bay area, Florida, where he resides.

For this part, Omar Marrero was arrested and charged with several serious chargesincluding aggravated assault charges, not to mention that he took the “godmother” of his life because he wanted to steal his belongings from someone who turned out to be a better fit for the situation.

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