The title of Saul’s best call has been revealed in the next episode

The title of Saul’s best call has been revealed in the next episode


The series starring Bob Odenkirk is nearing its final stretch. There are only three episodes left to find out the result.

The series will end in less than three weeks.
© IMDbThe series will end in less than three weeks.

Three episodes from the end, The best of Saul on demand I made it clear that there would be no way this spin-off of Too bad It is being taken down from the base of the best seen series in history. The realization of his novel since his 2015 debut has given him space to play with a ring made entirely in black and white that focuses solely on connecting a loose end but that only the most attentive realized: the taxi driver who realized it. a Saul Goodman in Nebraska.

a The best of Saul on demand He only has three chapters left before he says goodbye forever and puts an end to the story I created Vince Gilligan and Peter Goldwhich once again demonstrated the ability to be the narrators of those responsible for creating characters like Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. With so little detail, week after week clues are revealed about what’s coming in the next chapter, a very important piece of information was revealed yesterday for next Tuesday’s episode.

The title that will give the name of the eleventh episode of . has been officially announced The best of Saul on demand, which also serves to confirm – at least that’s the logic – that we’ll see two much-anticipated characters in the series. Class arrives on Monday AMC In the United States a day later to Netflix To the rest of the world, it will be titled “Too bad” In clear reference to the name of the mother series.

What does this mean? Everything indicates that, in the end, we will see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Back to the universe Vince Gilligan. Episode 9 left everything ready for these characters to appear since his hiatus Kim Wexler we consider Jimmy McGill completely transformed into Saul Goodman Sitting in the legendary office where he was first seen Too bad.

+ The other evidence that confirms the return of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

In addition to the title of the next episode of The best of Saul on demandThere are other details that confirm the appearance of the characters who played before Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in Too bad. The first time that Bob Odenkirk featured in Too bad It was in the second season. What is the name of the episode in which you first appeared? “Saul’s best on demand”. The chapter in question was the eighth of the second installment and was first broadcast on April 26, 2009.

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