The United States and NATO evacuate their main air base in Afghanistan


Roar are always included. Chiefs traveled to the base and gave speeches, and many celebrities also visited.

An Afghan official said the base would be formally handed over to the Afghan government at a ceremony on Saturday.

After the Trump administration, NATO seeks to repair the relationship with Washington

Biden estimated that the Afghan government now “should be able on its own” to ensure the security of the capital, Kabul, located about 50 kilometers from the airport.

However, according to press reports, the Americans will maintain the presence of approximately 600 soldiers there to protect their embassy.

The US defense official said General Austin Miller, the top commander of US forces in Afghanistan, “still retains all authority and control to protect the remaining forces” in the capital, Kabul.

A principios de esta semana, Miller dijo a los periodistas en Kabul que una guerra civil en Afganistán es “sin duda un camino que se puede visualizar”, ya que los combatientes talibanes están arlasando mi distritos alrastroentras del paín extrare a house.

With information from Reuters and Agence France-Presse

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