The United States defeats El Salvador and wins the Beach Soccer Cup

The United States defeats El Salvador and wins the Beach Soccer Cup

The El Salvador women’s team said goodbye to Beach Soccer Cup 2022 With a loss to his teammates United State 1-3, the team that will end up lifting the cup.

It was the Americans who scored the first goal of the match, and that was very early in the game. In just 15 seconds of starting the game, Alexandra Hall He sent a shot at goalkeeper Yahya Maravilla.

The Salvadorans responded with a hunger for goals, and Fatima Perez He sent a ball off the crossbar in the seventh minute. A minute later, captain Maria Gonzalez hit a direct free kick on Kristen Yount’s gloves.

The United States were not far behind and began pressing to secure the cup, reclaiming the balls.

In the second period, El Salvador started with more momentum. In just two minutes, Fatma Vazquez hit a free kick that hit the right post.

Captain Gonzalez attempted a bicycle kick from midfield and barely crossed the visitors’ goal.

The Americans were looking for another goal, and in the sixth minute, Lauren Leslie carried out a direct free kick that was saved by Maravella and avoided the second goal.

Two minutes later, Marta Velasco sent a long-distance ball straight to the post, in the corner of the goal.

I tried El Salvador but nothing was clear. Irma Cordero also tried to use long distances and was unable to score either.

With just over four minutes left to the end of the period, Fatma Vazquez scored the first goal for the locals, with a direct free kick.

Morale increased, and El Salvador tried hard to change the outcome. Captain Gonzalez attempted a shot from midfield that barely went far.

The Americans fought a fight, they went to every ball as if they were losers, but they did not have the accuracy in attack, but they were solid in defense.

The final period would be crucial to defining the champion, and both teams knew what was at stake.

Maravilla made a decisive cut three minutes into the third half, avoiding a clear shot from Ashkee Triplett.

But Kelly Quigley scored the Americans’ second goal after one minute with a powerful long shot.

And the third guest fell thanks to a header from Lauren Leslie in the seventh minute of this period, impossible to stop Maravella.

The national team did not find an opportunity for the opponent, and the Americans imposed their game and did not give any space, clinging to their advantage, flirting with the cup.

The match concluded and the Americans celebrated their victory in the 2022 Beach Soccer Cup.


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