The United States is working with Ukraine to prevent the Russians from taking biological materials

On Tuesday, the United States confirmed that it was working with Ukraine to prevent “biological materials” from facilities on Ukrainian soil from falling into the hands of the Russians.

“We are now very concerned that Russian forces may seek to control it,” Victoria Nuland, the undersecretary of state for political affairs, told the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

During the hearing, the US official was asked about Poland’s announcement that it would transfer all of its MiG-29 combat aircraft to Germany to make them available to the US.

Nuland emphasized that Poland has not coordinated with the United States on this matter.

“I was in a meeting where I should have heard something about it, before what he thinks is a surprising move” by Poland, Noland said.

Regarding the security of Poland, as a country neighboring Ukraine, Nuland noted that it “benefits from the full air security of NATO.”

In parallel, he added, the United States has increased its security support for that country and is evaluating the placement of some Patriot anti-aircraft batteries on Polish soil.

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