The United States refused to grant visas to Russian journalists to attend meetings of the UN Security Council

The United States refused to grant visas to Russian journalists to attend meetings of the UN Security Council

On Sunday, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, refused that the US authorities had not issued an entry visa to a group of Russian journalists to cover a session of the UN Security Council headed by the Russian delegation. And the head of Russian diplomacy warned that measures will be taken in the face of these behaviors classified as “disgraceful”.

Minister Lavrov told Russian media that the United States defines itself as the strongest, the smartest, the freest, and the fairest, but “has gone crazy and has shown the true value of its statements on freedom of expression,” and access to information. And everything else.” “The most important thing you can be sure of is that we will not forget and we will not forgive this,” he told reporters, who were not granted the permits by Washington.

At the beginning of the third week of April, the Moscow Metropolitan Court did not grant an appeal to the defense of Wall Street Journal reporter Ivan Gershkovich, Who are in pretrial detention for the next two months on charges of espionage leveled by the Kremlin against the Americans.

Gershkovich’s defense asked the Russian courts to change the preventive measure from preventive detention to house arrest. Even Dow Jones offered to pay a bond of about $612,000 or 50,000,000 rubles to make this request, although the court rejected the offer. However, they did not agree to Washington’s offer.

In light of this, the Russian authorities have repeated on two occasions that Gershkovitch had been caught “in the act” by the FSB, a position that the Kremlin and its representatives have stated from the beginning of the case.

Since last April 1, the Russian delegation has assumed the presidency of the organization for a month, in accordance with the status of the coalition of countries and following the protocol. However, the Ukrainian government saw this measure as a “bad joke”, which is why it boycotted the decision.

It had been planned since the beginning of the Russian presidency that Lavrov would make this trip to New York to preside over at least two meetings in the Security Council. One meeting will focus on respecting the UN Charter and another on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

With information from EFE and CNN

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