The United States will ease restrictions on travelers to Cuba

The United States will ease restrictions on travelers to Cuba

This is Wednesday The US Treasury confirmed that it will cancel some restrictions on some flights And sending money to Cuba, which was imposed during the Trump administration, in implementation of the changes announced by the Joe Biden administration last month.

Effective June 9, OFAC has amended the Cuban Asset Control Regulations to implement foreign policy actions towards the Caribbean island that were announced on May 16.

The Biden administration said it would take steps “to further support the Cuban people, and provide them with additional tools to live a life free of Cuban government oppression and the pursuit of greater economic opportunity.”

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The new regulations will be published on Thursday

According to the treasury, Regulations allow group educational trips to the island as long as it is sponsored by an organization under the jurisdiction of the United States, As well as attending professional meetings and conferences in Cuba. The amendment does not allow travel for tourist activities.

also, The quarterly limit of $1,000 for family transfers to close Cuban citizens has been abolished. Transfers of donations to Cuban citizens are permitted, as long as the veto is not vetoed against government officials, members of the Cuban Communist Party, or their relatives.

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Restrictions and sanctions against Cuba

These restrictions were imposed during the government of Republican Donald Trump between 2017 and 2021, which tightened the economic embargo the United States had imposed on Cuba since 1962 in order to force regime change.

Trump’s actions reflected the openness promoted by his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama, for whom Biden was vice president.

The Biden administration has already lifted a series of restrictions imposed by Trump on flights to Cuba, according to an order published by the Department of Transportation on June 1.

These restrictions prevented US commercial airlines and charter flights from reaching Cuban cities, with the exception of Havana. In addition, there was a maximum number of charter flights to Jose Martí International Airport.

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On Wednesday, the Cuban government considered the new flexibility insufficient.

“The publication of some regulations on the measures announced by the US government on May 16 in relation to Cuba confirms the extremely limited nature of this step, the absolute validity of the economic embargo and the more aggressive aspects of Trump’s actions,” Cuban said. Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez tweeted.

The United States unveiled new regulations toward Cuba during the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles this week With Biden as host, for the first time since 2015, the Cuban government was not invited due to Washington’s “reservations” about the lack of democratic spaces and the state of human rights on the island.

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