The values ​​of tlaxcalan in sports science – El Sol de Tlaxcala

The values ​​of tlaxcalan in sports science – El Sol de Tlaxcala

Only Miguel Ecatel Morales Vázquez from the community of Tizatlan, Tlaxcala, was the only one to qualify for the final stage of the Connadi National Games At the end of the regional tournament chess In the Joaquín Cisneros room at the Adolfo López Mateos Exhibitor Center.

Score over seven matches This was not what was expected for the local delegation of 12 convoys in the 12th, 14th and 16th subcategories.

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Juan Antonio Taylor Vazquez, the national team delegate, indicated that the tournament was an experiment for a new group of players, who took over Result and set to work to improve results next year.

Most of them were not accustomed to long and exhausting tournaments, in the middle of the tournament everyone had a good chance to qualify, but in the second half they began to decline, the performance did not allow them to enter the rating, He confirmed.

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added that andThis event is an experience that leaves learning Two years after the pandemic.

chess player TlaxcalanAnd the Miguel Ecatel Morales Vazquez came third in the men’s under-16 class.

Taylor Vasquez commented that Rosa Patricia Sanchez Leon and Joanna Sanchez Flores About to qualify.

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Mexico City dominated the tournament

The Mexico City was the delegation that achieved the best results, So it remains as a young force in sports science.

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On This region won two places in the women’s sub-12 division, and twice in the men’s sub-12 division, One for girls under 14, one for boys under 14, two for girls under 16, and one for boys under 16.

  • The tournament gave passage to the final stage for the top three places in each category and subcategory.

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