The world’s largest iceberg is refracted and can be seen from space


The The satellite European Copernicus from European Space Agency (ESA) showed Pictures How it looks from The space Separation Ice mountain Larger Globalism, Located in Antarctica.

An iceberg named A-76 cut through the Rune Ice Shelf, which was obstructing it in Antarctica. Since then, it has become the largest in the entire world. Thanks to the Copernicus satellite, it was possible to make an extraordinary view of this phenomenon from space.

In the satellite images, you can see how the glacier separates from the right side of the platform known as Ronne, and floats along the frozen ice. Mar Weddell. Its size is similar to that of Morelos

The glacier is as large as it can fit 70 times in Manhattan. It is estimated that its length is 170 km and width is 25. Its area is about 4,320 km2, the size of the Spanish island of Majorca.

Before this glacier, what was considered the largest in the world was A-23A, which had an approximate size of 3 thousand 880 square kilometers, and which is also found in the same sea Antarctica.

The separation of ice is due to the rapid progress of climate change, which has brought about major changes in the Earth’s poles, causing large ice sheets to separate and melt due to higher temperatures.

According to NASA, the temperature The average Earth has risen 1 degree Celsius since the nineteenth century. Although it sounds insignificant, this is sufficient to increase the severity of droughts, and increase the number and intensity of heat waves and tropical cyclones. In the case of Antarctica, the air temperature has increased more than twice, according to experts.

So far, no alerts have been reported of a possible collision of the ice mass with any country or island. However, this phenomenon can cause an imbalance in the polar circle. South Pole Given its dimensions.

Icebergs get their name from the Antarctic quadrant where they were first seen, and a serial number; After his breakup, he receives another number to get to know him.

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