The world’s ugliest dog competition returns to the United States – Uno TV

The world’s ugliest dog competition returns to the United States – Uno TV

The The worst dog competition in the world returned to Petaluma, California After an absence of two years due to the epidemic, and The crowned winner looks like an alien From a dog, according to the rescue shelter where it was recovered.

“Mr. happy face” Came from Flagstaff Arizonawith the owner of the music Jenida Biennale48, who calls himself his human emotional support.

“It’s amazing that true inner beauty is recognized and that’s amazing. So I don’t know if I feel like I have The ugliest dog in the world. I know I have the cutest dog in the world.” quietly They added that they believe he is 17 years old.

“Mr. happy face” wow judges And the audience with its crooked head, to him gray mohicanHis hairless and pimple-free body, his clumsy limp and his ragged breath. And with the support of the audience, he was the clear winner.

happy face that’s cool. I love his twisted head, his hairless body. She has blisters. Dr. said. Dave RoberA judge and a local vet in the East. Petaluma Animal Hospital.

named bitch nutty Sports hair similar to the character Doc Brown From the “Back to the Future” movie franchise, according to one judge.

wild thanga 6-year-old from Beijing who has more body hair and no teeth to keep his tongue in his mouth, won second place, while Blue Factor Brussels Griffon The 12-year-old monkey won third place.

Among the other contestants is a bald Mexican named Cranberrywhich was found on the streets of Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, and brought to United State Through the organization Saving Sympathy Without Borders Santa Rosa.

A pair of pugs, who were accidentally rescued separately from Asia, also competed and now live in Pug Hotel Senior Sanctuary in county sonoma.

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