There’s a free game in the Epic Games Store waiting for you to own it and keep it forever

Another Thursday, it’s time for the Epic Games Store to spread cheer to all its users again, because over the next few days we’ll be able to Download a new video game for free To integrate it into our account and by the way we will keep it forever Epistory – writing records who was chosen for the occasion.

A very simple way to increase the number of products in our digital library. It would just be enough to access a file Product page and redeem it, at which point you’ll be automatically included without paying a penny along the way, though the promotion will only continue until January 26th.

Suggestion Epistory – writing records It will make us practice our fingers typing non-stop, because that’s what it’s all about. It’s an adventure in which we become the muse, a fictional character who must help an uninspired writer write her latest novel. In the beginning, everything will start with a blank page and items will start to be created little by little.

In this way we will give life to scenarios, enemies and puzzles to create an animated world. For this, it will be necessary to fight battles Write the words that appear on the screen, which in turn will serve to control the tools that we see on the screen. In addition, it has several levels of difficulty depending on the ability of each and is localized into a few languages, including Spanish.

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