Android TV on Samsung or LG TV: Just do it

Android TV on Samsung or LG TV: Just do it

If you don’t want to buy another TV, then since Your Samsung Smart TV Or a new LG, but you want to try android operating system On your TV, the truth is that you can have it by following the steps that we will tell you later. Although you will need a series of items.

Today there are different devices with Android TV, from small players like Xiaomi TV Stick or Chromecast to Android TV Boxes. All of these devices come with Google’s operating system. So, once we connect it to our TV, we can start enjoying this program. However, we can also install Android TV on Raspberry Pi.

Get Android TV on your Raspberry Pi

This option is a very good alternative if we have both Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi 4 And we don’t know what to do with it. Well, today we are going to learn how we can mount a multimedia device with Android TV to use it on Samsung or LG Smart TV. This way, you will not have to spend more money on Android TV Box or a new TV.

Before we start, keep in mind that we will need a counter with an extension micro sd cardAt least 16 GB to have enough space for the Raspberry Pi. In addition, the ideal situation is that we have a RaspBerry Pi 4 with 4 GB of RAM, again at least, so that we do not have performance problems. In addition, we will need to consider the following items: Download an image LineageOS for the Raspberry Pi (depending on our model), keyboard, mouse, HDMI cable, and pendrive bundle OpenGApps and app printed.

Step by step installation

When we already have all these points, it’s time to move on to installing LineageOS on the Raspberry Pi:

  • Download the version for you Raspberry Pi 3 As for Bay 4 And unzip the .zip file to get the .img image that we will find inside the mentioned folder.
  • Now, we have to Install etcher app Which we told you earlier, as this will help us to record the image to the microSD card.
  • By the time we get it Install Android TV on Raspberry Pi and starting the program, we will have to complete its configuration: time zone, language and other sections.

Through this series of steps, we will already have Android TV on this popular development board. However, we’ll still miss some apps that aren’t included, so we’ll have to Install GApps. If we really need them. To do this, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Put the GApps .zip file in the USB.
  • Next, under OS Configuration, we go to Settings and activate Advanced reset.
  • Let’s go to the power menuholding down F5 on the keyboard.
  • Plug the USB into the Raspberry Pi.
  • We touch Restart and click recovery mode.
  • Inside the recovery menu and touch the installation.
  • We select the USB box.
  • Click GApps below and Swipe on “Swipe to confirm flash”.
  • Then, click Restart > System.

In this way, once the Raspberry Pi restarts, we will already have the possibility to own the store Play Store on Android TV To download other apps. Thus, when connected to a Samsung or LG TV via HDMI We will have Android TV Box.

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