These are 107 new emojis that you can actually see in your WhatsApp


WhatsApp for Android has been updated including a total of 107 new emojis that you can use from today, among which you will be able to find a pregnant man.

Emojis have, in recent years, become the most used means of communication by users on messaging platforms, and in this sense, the most popular of them, WhatsApp, has been updated. Your Android app with inclusion A total of 107 new emojis that you can use from today.

It’s all new whatsapp emoji Available in the latest stable version of its IM client Goal With Version number:

WhatsApp emojis on Android phone

These are all the new emojis that just arrived on WhatsApp

Emojipedia experts Posted a tweet a few days ago In which they mentioned that WhatsApp has already started Publish a new emoji update in your app for AndroidAnd now we can confirm that mentioned update Now available to all users on Google Play Store.

Within these 107 new emojis we will be able to find really original ones like the ones in Pregnant man or facial fusionPerfect for the hot summer months, or for other very useful months like the summer months ID card, driver’s license, x-ray or battery charge.

107 new emojis, with all their color variations, just arrived in WhatsApp for Android the following:

New WhatsApp Emoji

These are the 107 new emoticons that are already available on WhatsApp

In this update for WhatsApp emojis, in addition to including all these new emoticons, the emojis for fonduea swiss dish made of melted cheese, Eliminate the spices that originally appeared.

How to mix emojis in WhatsApp: Create unique emojis to surprise your contacts

If you still don’t see these new emojis in your WhatsApp Make sure to update it to the latest versionBecause if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have it.

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