Super Mario movie postponed to Spring 2023

Super Mario movie postponed to Spring 2023

Nintendo America just announced on its Twitter account, to everyone’s surprise, and conveyed by Shigeru Miyamoto’s words, that Super Mario movie Until the spring of 2023. The remake of Mario is being developed for the big screen after what was a failed debut 30 years ago at the hands of Illumination, responsible for Minion and other popular films.

A few months ago we received news that The movie will arrive on time just for her Expected premiere On December 21 of the same year. This news has fallen like a jug of cold water for all the plumber lovers and this is it Super Mario Bros. It is the most anticipated game-to-movie adaptation by Americans, according to a recent survey.

Since its announcement we are learning many important facts such as Shigeru Miyamoto, character creator directly involved in its development or it will have Chris Pratt who will give him The protagonist’s voice. There will also be other important actors such as Anya Taylor-Joy, who will voice Princess Peach. They will be too Charlie’s Day (luigi), black jack (cart), Keegan-Michael Key (toad), Seth Roden (Donkey Kong), among others.

Below we leave you with the tweet that was shared on the official account of Twitter from Nintendo America Coming from Shigeru Miyamoto himself:

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