These are the 15 words your dog completely understands

These are the 15 words your dog completely understands

the dogKnown as man’s best friends, they not only share unconditional loyalty but also possess an amazing ability to understand their owners in a unique way. This special communication goes beyond verbal communication and relies on non-verbal signs and gestures and deep emotional connection.

Phrases that make your dog’s heart beat. Source: Freebeck.

despite of dog They don’t understand human language the same way we do, they are adept at interpreting non-verbal cues. They pick up on facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language to understand their owners’ moods and intentions. Although every owner knows the exact words to bring attention and delight to him doga survey conducted by OnBuy in the UK highlighted the phrases that have the greatest emotional impact on them.

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More than 4,000 owners participated in the analysis and responded dog This was measured by monitoring the heart rate when the most common words were mentioned. the dog They can understand about a hundred words, while psychologist Stanley Coren stated that the most intelligent species can learn up to 250 terms.

Phrases that make your dog’s heart beat. Source: Freebeck.

Each word has a different impact on different genders, while some… dog They are independent, others react quickly to commands. According to the study, canines’ heart rates rise by 36% when they hear the leading word “walk,” in addition to picking it up, searching for it, treating it, and taking your toy.

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  • Walk: The word that when you open the door you can see how excited the dog is.
  • Food: Because it is associated with your diet, this word grabs your attention.
  • Treat: Irresistible to dogs, who never say no to a treat.
  • GET IT!: Awaken their instinct to play and cooperate.
  • Search!: Perfect for breeds like the Beagle or Boxer, who enjoy exploring.
  • Game/Take your game
  • Good boy/girl
  • what is it called?
  • your name
  • Find them
  • biscuit
  • palm
  • Come here
  • to talk
  • turn around

Phrases that make your dog’s heart beat. Source: Freebeck.

the dog They find safety and comfort in routine and consistency. By following regular schedules, providing consistent training, and setting clear boundaries, owners can foster understanding between themselves and their furry companions. The Academy of Training Dogs (AOCB) suggests using gestures with keywords.

It is necessary to use an authoritative and calm tone, without shouting. Words like “okay”, “no”, “here/come”, “down/sit/down”, “still/wait/stop”, “leave it/leave it”, and “stop/stop” , and “bed” are necessary to set boundaries and encourage desired behavior in the pet.

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