This is what happens if you pull out your gray hair

This is what happens if you pull out your gray hair

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Attend the White hair It is a situation that we will all experience sooner or later as the years go by, there will be those who are upset and those who are not. There are many ways to combat them and the method they usually resort to is Tear them up From the root. If you do, here we will tell you what could happen to your hair.

Many people are terrified as soon as they see white or gray hair, so they try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. The best solution is to apply the dye to the hair, although this is not possible when using dye White hair They still do not cover the mane and there are only a few small strands.

In the face of these, there are those Begin These white hairs are associated with aging, but specialists say that this does not solve much, as the follicle continues to produce hair of the same color, and it appears again. In addition, it is very likely that it will thicken or the area will become irritated.

Consequences of pulling out your gray hair

One of the most serious problems we can face .start the White hair Trichorhexis nodosa, a condition that causes weak spots to appear in the hair shaft. This, combined with the stress and chemicals we typically use on our hair, causes strands to fall out more easily.

If you are suffering from White hairIt is better to darken them with dyes or any other home remedy. However, you should not under any circumstances Tear them upBecause you will cause changes in the appearance of the hair and it will become more brittle and brittle.


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