These are the best series to watch from 1 to 4 September while broadcasting

These are the best series to watch from 1 to 4 September while broadcasting


Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the two platforms that, at the beginning of the month, have the best premieres. meet them.

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A new week is coming in conjunction with a new month, and streaming platforms have everything ready to attract their viewers with new content. Among them are both Netflix How Amazon Prime Video Which, at the beginning of September, was captivating for the first time.

Although all platforms choose to renew their content month after month, the truth is that they are there with the arrival of September Netflix and Amazon Prime Video The two platforms that will captivate their users. Well, both on-demand services will publish a series, which, other than the fact that they haven’t launched yet, has already given a lot to talk about. Find out what they are and when they are released.

The best series to watch from 1 to 4 September in the live broadcast:


The streaming giant will premiere, on September 2, a series that has been highly commented by users. it’s about fake identitieswhich includes a total of ten episodes and stars Emilia Baranac, Richard Harmon and Jennifer Tong.

spoiler summary: False Identities tells the story of two teenage best friends, Zoe and Becca, who create the largest fake identity empire in America. Although when everything starts to fall apart, their friendship is tested by playing the fine line between betrayal and fidelity.

Amazon Prime Video:

This platform has one of the most anticipated releases of this month. it’s about Lord of the Rings, Rings of Power, a series that will serve as a prequel to the Peter Jackson films. The fantasy film, consisting of eight episodes, will be released on September 2.

Spoiler Summary: The Lord of the Rings, Ring of Power, is set in the Second Age of the Sun, focusing on Sauron’s attempt to subdue Middle-earth. Having become free, he begins to plan an invasion of his humanity and his first target is Númenor, the country of the Elders, from which Aragorn and the kings of Gondor descended. After achieving this destruction, he formed 20 rings of power to enslave all of the races of Middle-earth. These include three for Elves, seven for dwarves, nine for men, and one for Sauron.

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