These are the best services for sending money transfers to the United States


According to the information brovkoDuring the month of October u link, did not charge commissions and the exchange rate was 21.23 pesos. For every $350, 7,430 pesos were delivered to Mexico. These numbers refer to funds given by each company with an average transfer of $350.

This is why if you send Transfers For the US, it is important to take into account that the service you choose to do should make your money work and not the other way around, so brovko Published a list of shipments from Transfers Good service for cash.

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The best services for sending money orders to the United States

according to who is who From brovkoThese are the best companies to send Transfers To the United States:

  • ULink: Handed out 7,430 pesos for $350, plus they charged a commission and offered to change 21.23 pesos.
  • Pagaphone Smart Pay: I delivered 7 thousand 347.40 pesos for $350, and it was a very high commission of $10, but the exchange rate was 21.62 pesos.
  • Wells Fargo: Gave 7,255.70 pesos, but charged $5 commission and exchange rate 21.03 pesos.
  • He continues: He gave 7230.41 pesos, his commission is 9.67 and the exchange rate is 21.25 pesos.
  • Eblata: gave 7,225.74. His average commission was $2.50. It offered an exchange rate of 20.79 pesos.

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