Two years later, immigrants from the United States returned to Lyon


Leon, Guanajuato /

Nearly two years after the pandemic, migrants have already arrived in their local communities in 2021 Lion To visit their relatives, at least 20 thousand people are expected to arrive from the United States.

According to the Director of Rural Development, Roberto Palomares Torres, last year more than 30 thousand people arrived, and this time it was already discovered that there were immigrants in communities such as Duarte, Lusa de los Padres and La Sandia, in the agricultural district of Santa Rosa Plan de Ayala and Los Ramirez, where The largest amount is concentrated.

They specifically come to live together and visit their communities, but not only in their own. They take advantage of and visit different places in the municipality of Lyon; They obviously take their memories, earn their expenses and apart from them they come to leave the resources to their families,” he commented.

The manager commented that some migrants travel by caravan, because entering Mexico faced various problems of insecurity, from passing through Tijuana to arriving in Guanajuato, so traveling in a group makes them feel safe.

“I understand that year after year, during the journey those who come by car, because they had certain security issues during the journey, feeling more safe, that’s what led them to agree and come in a caravan to protect each other,” he commented.

He explained that the Welcome Paisano program has been activated since November, and that the agency’s mission is to promote it with families in the municipality of Lyon, to provide them with information about the services they provide to the compatriots, in addition to the existence of a unit of concern for them. Immigrants where some procedures are performed.


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