They accuse Netflix and 1899 of plagiarizing a Brazilian comedy

They accuse Netflix and 1899 of plagiarizing a Brazilian comedy

1899And the The new series from the creators darkwas released in Netflix Promising darkness and horror for viewers. praised his originality, Jantje Friese and Baran Bo OdarAnd the the offerIt has been Accused of plagiarism. It will provide Netflix productions Many similarities with the work of the Brazilian artist Marie CagninAnd the that you have a business on the Internet This would cause a lot of controversy online.

She accuses the illustrator of Netflix and the authors of 1899 of plagiarizing her work

A few hours ago, after a movie premiere 1899 on netflix Marie Kagnin decided to prove her work with a thread on Twitter, noting that the authors of the series used her creativity in a brazen way.. “I’m in shock,” Kagnin explained. “I just found out that the series 1899 He simply identical To my comic book Black silencepublished in 2016It follows the artist, who posted all of the aesthetic and plot similarities on her profile on the aforementioned social network, gradually revealing plagiarisms, inspirations, or elements she recognized from her work on the Netflix show.

But how could a comic, limited edition in Brazil, end up in the hands of German authors? It turns out that Mary Cagnin, self-explaining, viaj in 2017 to Germany to attend the book fair in Gothenburg. At the artist conference He decided to distribute English-language versions of his comic book To make themselves known among the attendees and key editors, try it Black silence, a futuristic science fiction short story, that will interest some patrons. In her plausible analogy, the ordination asserts that, Although it is not a literal version, 1899 It includes plot and aesthetic references, especially on a visual level, such as a triangle, a pyramid, or a uniform., as well as some script and coding elements. Can you read the comic book Legally on Issuu If you are curious about it.

Mary Cagnin has not taken any legal action against Netflix and regrets the situation

So far, it seems Mary Cagnin has not taken legal action against Netflix, though she is studying the case closely. Basically, he regrets that the models 1899 They do not even mention it in the credits and assert that it is not fair that such situations take place behind the backs of the original creators of a novel, comic or play, leaving in the air and without recognizing the so-called Sources of inspiration. Story of the 1899a series sponsored by the creators dark, is about some European immigrants who want to change their lives by moving to New York. In order to do so, they board a ship bound for the United States, but the journey ends in an endless nightmare when they come across another ship sailing by.

It is available on Netflix.

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