Seoul, selected “Smart City” of the year at the Smart City Conference – Spain

Seoul, selected “Smart City” of the year at the Smart City Conference – Spain

The capital of South Korea, Seoul, has been selected as the “Smart City” for the year 2021 in the framework of the Global Smart Cities Awards presented by the World Smart City Conference, which is being held these days in Barcelona.

In this version, Kyiv (Ukraine) was also given special recognition for “using digital services to save lives” during the Russian invasion of that country, which began in February.

The jury for these awards consisted of representatives from the Barcelona City Council, UN-Habitat, the World Bank, the European Commission Delegation on Climate Change and Smart Cities and the Smart City Expo World Congress.

Specifically, Seoul was awarded for its Smart Seoul Platform, “which focuses on digital inclusion policies that guarantee the five basic digital rights—communication, mobility, education, security, and technology use—and provide digital services adapted to socially vulnerable groups.

Similarly, TerraGo Technologies, which is responsible for maintaining and implementing the public lighting network in Chicago (USA), excelled in the Energy and Environment category.

In Mobility, the DIGI-V initiative was awarded to digitize traffic in the German city of Wiesbaden, developed by Yunex Traffic.

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