They are working on a family medicine care program – El Sol del Centro

They are working on a family medicine care program – El Sol del Centro

Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) is working on two pilot projects: “Look Into My Eyes” and “Digital Consultation”, for the purpose of Simplify and improve the quality of consultation between the family doctor and the beneficiary, Through the use of information and communication technology.

“Look in my eyes” Seeks to reduce the time the doctor spends writing the note during the consultationthrough voice recognition software, which translates speech into text and writes it directly into the electronic file, allowing for more interaction and close communication with the patient.

The project “Digital Consultation” is an IMSS strategy designed to Bringing health services closer to the beneficiaries and providing them with medical advice by video call when they present some restrictions that prevent them from attending in person to your FMU.

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Dr. Celida Duque Molina, Director of Medical Benefits, emphasized that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, both IMSS and SNTSS have been on the cutting edge of technology to deliver better care to beneficiaries; He added that the use of technological tools is key as a form of interaction in all aspects of life.

On his part, Dr. Manuel Cervantes-Ocampo, Coordinator of Level I Units, noted that both projects are being consolidated thanks to the bilateral commitment between the Mexican Institute of Social Security and the National Confederation of Social Security Workers.

The presentation was attended by Dr. Celida Duque Molina, Director of Medical Benefits. Dr. Arturo Olivares Cerda, General Secretary of SNTSS, and Instructor Claudia Laura Vazquez Espinosa, Director of Innovation and Technology Development; Federico Hector Marín Martinez, Head of IMSS Representation, CDMX Southern Region; Dr.. Rafael Olivos Hernandez, Minister of Labor, SNTSS; Dr.. Jaime Leonardo Sanchez Rivero, Head of Medical Benefits Services at the IMSS representation in the CDMX Southern Region; and Dr. Irma Angelica Arushi Reyes, Director of Family Medicine Unit #1.

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