They care about the health and emotional well-being of two elderly people of otome descent

They care about the health and emotional well-being of two elderly people of otome descent

To promote the health of the elderly and provide them with well-being in their quality of life, the Multidisciplinary Brigade of the Ministry of Social Development, led by Alejandra del Moral Villa, visited an elderly couple in the Mexican capital, for the parade. They have medical, aging and psychological care.

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Pablo Javier Calzada, a resident craftsman from the San Andrés Coixcontinitlan community, who indicated that he is responsible for his parents, Rosa Calzada Valdes and Juan Javier Gonzalez, are aged 103 and 94, respectively.

Pablo explained that it was the result of his father’s downfall Juan broke his leg, and due to lack of financial resources, the injury was not treated, which led to difficulties in his movement, which is why he is in a wheelchair; While his mother, Rosa, suffers from fluid retention.

After the fracture, the spouses felt more vulnerable and took turns in the house to provide them with the necessary care; However, they chose to remain in the home of their son, who explained that “today, they depend not on themselves, but on the care of my entire family;

Pablo’s first concern was managing the treadmill so that his parents could live a more comfortable life, and later, specialists from the multidisciplinary brigade visited the couple’s home to assess their situation and from there, there was greater support from the government headed by Alfredo del Mazo Maza.

According to Nelly Albaran Reyes, MD, a physician with the Multidisciplinary Brigade, when she visited them, “They were malnourished, we found them to have sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass and strength), cognitive impairment and we also found them to be very reluctant.”

For her part, gerontologist Jessica Bautista Navarrete explained that “they had many medical and care needs from the family, there were no basic and effective activities in their daily life, and they did not have the ability to do them.”

The evaluation showed that the couple did not live in conditions suitable for their age and this was not favorable in their integral development, however, the multidisciplinary brigade focused its actions to direct them to achieve their physical and emotional well-being.

Due to the fact that the elderly speak the Utomi language, appropriate channels are being sought to establish contact between spouses and health professionals, so that they follow the recommendations given, which led to the observation of progress and improvement in their health thanks to visits. The brigade is carried out every two months.



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