They caught a couple arguing in a supermarket over a blender | video

They caught a couple arguing in a supermarket over a blender |  video

A newly married couple got into a fight in public afterwards In the midst of what appears to be a minor lawsuit over the purchase of a blenderwhich a woman demanded from her husband, and he claimed that he could not afford it at that time.

By TikTok, user Low prices for ladies ( reports that He went to a Walmart store trying to score some good prices, as he usually does, when he came across the event.

As can be seen in the pictures, it all started after we saw that they were arguing What is the best buy option in terms of blender…but they did not come to an agreement easily.

Number one in America… it’s the best!“The woman says with a tone that is certainly higher than that which he speaks, because what he is answering is not realized until after a while.

She goes on to say some reasons about the blender, when she suddenly picks it up and says she’s going to take it away. However, he stopped her and took the device from her hand. “what is wrong with you? ‘, she asks, and he replies that they are going to buy a blender at the weekend.

The exchange begins both firmly about their points: she insists they take it and says they’ll make the purchase over the weekend while the product goes from cart to shelf over and over again.

– “I don’t carry much money“, He says.-“It’s just, why are you so elusive?you answer.We just got married, and you can’t buy me what I ask of you to make you eat well?“.

He told her that they had not yet finished paying for certain things, to which she replied: “I don’t care, well I get the money, I don’t know where, but that’s why you’re my husband, right?“.

Get cash from anywhere, f*ck me*!‘, she insists on a certain point in the video.

Both continue the subject, when he asks her to return in 15 days. She replied to this:Your mom told me you were good, but don’t smudge, it’s dangerous! … can not be, big card,Farewell!“.

You can’t be that way, we just got married and you’re going to do this to me!‘ she exclaims excitedly.

In the second part, we don’t see much but he criticizes it and says: “You are just like your mother”, who got an answer: “Don’t mess with my mom! “.

Many wondered what happened at the end of the story… and everything indicated that they had finally found a way to do so She finances the device, because she made a third part, in which we see that they are in the exit line and left the blender in her arms.

He ended up commenting on the story going viral: So you end up buying food and not cooking it at home“,” Evil triumphed “,” Friend … Realize it! “,” I really want to get a divorce and I’m not him “,”It seems to me that they got married because she said we were going to get married, period These are some of the opinions that the clip deserved.


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