Lopez Obrador joins the presidents of Colombia, Bolivia and Argentina in support of Cristina Fernandez

Lopez Obrador joins the presidents of Colombia, Bolivia and Argentina in support of Cristina Fernandez

heads ColombiaAnd the MexicoAnd the Bolivia s Argentina On Wednesday, a joint statement was issued in support of Argentine Vice PresidentAnd the Cristina Fernandezbefore they described it asjudicial persecution“against him.

In the Releasebroadcast by Argentine presidencyThe four heads of state expressed their “absolute rejection of the unjustified judicial persecution they suffer.” Cristina Fernandezwhose public prosecutor on Monday requested a 12-year prison sentence for alleged corruption when he ruled Argentina between 2007 and 2015.

According to the Argentine Alberto FernandezColombian Gustavo Petromexican Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Bolivia Louis ArsThis “persecution aims at secession.” Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner public, political, and electoral life, as well as burying the values ​​and ideals they represent, with the ultimate goal of inculcating a neoliberal model.”

“The harassment of the Argentine Vice President is carried out by accusing her political opponents, press headlines and judicial irregularities in violation of due process and legal safeguards,” the statement said.

The signatories noted that in recent years the judiciary has “opened many cases” against Cristina Fernandez, “many of which have been shelved in the absence of any kind of strong evidence”, while in other cases still open “bad.” The procedural practices that led to Fernandez de Kirchner’s exclusion from political life have been exposed.”

They pointed out that among these investigations is the so-called “road case”, for which the former president was subjected to oral measures since May 2019 for alleged irregularities in the granting of road works.

Last Monday, in his last argument, the attorney general involved in this trial, Diego LucianiThe court asked, in addition to sentencing the vice president to 12 years in prison, to disqualify her forever to play General Fee.

The Prosecutor considers that it has been proven Cristina Fernandez He was the “head” of an illegal association that caused economic damage to the millionaire condition.

The vice president said there was no evidence to support such accusations when it came out in public on Tuesday after the court trying her denied the possibility of expanding its investigation.

For the presidents who signed the statement, the court violated Fernandez’s right of legitimate defense.

“We express our strongest support to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and strongly condemn the strategies of judicial persecution to eliminate political opponents,” the joint statement adds.

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