They detect malware in 60 apps with millions of downloads

They detect malware in 60 apps with millions of downloads

Cyber ​​security company experts McAfee Find out more 60 applicationson Android devices, infected with a new type of malware able to Obtaining sensitive data victim and carry out attacks Advertising fraud. These applications have already been downloaded more than 100 million times through the store Google.

These applications have been downloaded more than 100 million. Image: shutterstock

Unlike what happened on other occasions with malwares similar, It seems that the developers of the app were not aware of this Infecting users’ machines with it, because it was hidden in a commonly used library.

This is how malware works in Android apps

Experts discovered a Third party software librarywhich they intended Goldosun. It’s a dangerous item, because, as the company explains, it “collects lists of your installed apps and history information from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, including nearby GPS locations.”

Similarly, the malware Able to perform ad frauds consisting of displaying and clicking on ads in the background without the necessary knowledge or interaction on the part of the user.

After McAfee experts discovered it, Google It proceeded to remove the infected apps from the Store, but to this day they can still remain installed on some users’ devices, with the risks involved.

The main applications that contain malware. Image: shutterstock

What are the infected applications?

  • L.PINT with L.PAY
  • Brick breaker slam
  • Account manager money and budget
  • TMAP
  • Lotte Cinema
  • Genie music
  • Culture Land copy
  • GOM launcher
  • megabox
  • Live Score Real-time score
  • pikecast
  • Compass 9: Smart compass
  • GOM Audio – Music, Lyrics Sync
  • TV – It’s all about the video
  • Gunendai
  • Element obsession
  • LOTTE WORLD Magic Card
  • Bounce the breaker bricks
  • Infinite slice Infinite slice
  • Noray Bang
  • SomNote – A nice note app
  • Korea Subway Information: Metroid
  • GoodTVBible
  • Happy Happy Mobile screensaver
  • UBhind: Mobile Tracking Manager
  • Mafu Free Driving School
  • World cup singer girl
  • FSP Mobile
  • Sound Recorder
  • Katmira
  • Cultureland Plus
  • Simple air
  • Lotteworld Seoul Sky
  • Ball Snake Lover
  • Play Geto
  • memory note
  • PB Stream
  • Money Manager (Remove Ads)
  • Inssaticon – cute emoticons
  • eCloud
  • Cinema
  • ticket office
  • Lotteworld Aquarium
  • Lotte World Water Park
  • T map KT, LGU
  • random number
  • AOG loader
  • GOM Audio Plus – Music, Sync
  • Brick breaker slam
  • Safe house
  • Chuncheon
  • fantaholic
  • cinecop
  • T.
  • Best Care Health
  • Infinity Solitaire
  • New Safe
  • cash note
  • TDI News
  • looking forward
  • TingSearch
  • Krieshachu is awesome
  • yeonhagoogokka

What are protected users?

According to the cybersecurity firm’s report, they state that users with “Android 11 and later are more protected” from these apps, although in the latest version McAfee found “around 10% of apps with Goldoson have the permission ‘QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES’ enabling They have access to application information.”

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