They find a strange fish at the bottom of the sea with human teeth

They find a strange fish at the bottom of the sea with human teeth

Roman Fedotsov, an experienced deep sea fisherman from Russia, left his Instagram followers shocked by his latest discovery: A scary-looking fish with amazing human-like teeth.

This has generated multiple reactions among netizens, who don’t understand why not much was known about this genre before. Its appearance appears dangerous and it is large in size, which raises fear among the fishermen in the area.

Fedotsov, who also works as a photographer, lives in the province Morzmannin the northwest of Russia, It is surrounded by the waters of the Barents Sea and the White Sea.

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He spent months navigating these waters in search of strange and unknown specimens. The fisherman is distinguished by sharing his passion for these rare fish in social networks and contributes to the fields of science as he presents Find out all the information about the animals you find that don’t have animal classifications.

And recently, Fedotsov shared, through his Instagram account, a video clip showing a large fish and a unique appearance, It has been identified by some followers as a “wolf eel”.‘.

But what attracted the most interest were the teeth of the specimen, which are surprisingly similar to human teeth. In the video, the fisherman gets close to the mouth of the fish and shows everything in detail, revealing an unusual dental structure. The fish is gray in color with black spots, and it has several rows of teeth on its gums and on its palate as well.

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The video achieved more than 198,000 views, 7,800 likes and hundreds of comments. While some followers express their amazement and even fear of the fish’s characteristics, others choose to deal with it with humor.

Wolf snakes, as one knowledgeable observer called them, are animals that inhabit the cold waters of the North Pacific Ocean, from the coasts of California to the Sea of ​​Japan, and live at depths of about 200 meters below the surface. They can live up to 20 years and reach a length of 2.40 metres.

Although this creature can be intimidating in appearance, one expert pointed out that wolf snakes are actually less ferocious than they appear. They also eat animals. They have a hard shell, like crabs and oysters, so they tend to bite only when threatened.

This is not the first time that a fish has been found with teeth similar to human teeth. This past July, in a quiet northern suburban community Oklahoma City, United StatesAn 11-year-old boy made an unusual discovery while fishing in the pond behind his house.

Instead of the usual sea bass or catfish they used to catch from that neighborhood pond, Charlie caught a strange-looking fish, and most surprisingly, Similar to human teeth.

without knowing it I caught PacoIt is a freshwater fish native to South America and is known to be related to the fearsome piranha.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, which recorded the situation on its social networks, the presence of these fish is most likely caused by some people. They bought them as pets and released them when the aquarium overtook them.

Although harmless, their presence can harm the local fauna, as they are an invasive alien species that can damage local ecosystems. It can reach 1.5 meters in length and 88 kilograms in weight.

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