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They found a mountain of gold in the Republic of the Congo, Africa. Photo: Twitter @luna_luna

In the republic Congo, at Africa, The Golden fever Arrive High temperatures After the villagers found A. Golden mountain With this mineral.

Where did they find this mountain of gold in the Congo?

Gold Mountain was found by local peasants. He immediately created a file Real fever EuroAnd I had dozens of people dig the hill with simple tools like shovels and pickaxes. In social networks, recordings have appeared, in which you can watch enthusiasm Temporary miners.

According to the information that is Spread on social networks, Hill soil actually contains gold and when it is excavated and washed, pieces of which are of purity can be found Between 60 and 90%.

Videos in Social media That has appeared widely to show how Al Wash offYou can see huge chunks of gold extracted from the mountain.

What happened after the discovery of the Gold Mountain in the Congo?

to me Democratic Government of the Republic of the CongoThe gold rush spread not only among villagers and miners, but also among some soldiers Armed forces From Congo. As a result, “anarchy” flourished in the city.

And in front of this situation because of the videos that have spread, where many people are watching in the mountains Congo is gone, The authorities had to intervene at the site where dozens of people were searching and digging.

The Gold Mountain was discovered on a hill located in Lohey Village, In the province Kivu Del SurAfter the chaos caused by the residents, the government decided to protect the mountain and confirmed:

“Restoring order is required not only to protect lives, but also to ensure traceability of gold produced in accordance with Congolese law.”

Government of the Congo

After a decree from a government Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gold mining is banned on Hill in Lohey Village, In East Kivu Province.

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